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Complete List Of TESDA Courses Offered To Skilled Workers For Jobs Abroad

All of us are looking for vocational courses to get skilled jobs abroad. Aside from office jobs, high salaries may also be available in categories that require skills. That’s why more people are now searching for a complete list of TESDA courses so they can enroll in a vocational and skills type of education.

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Here are some of the most popular TESDA courses that you can enroll on. You may select on some the TESDA courses that you wish to take and evaluate your skills.

Take note that there are more than 200 courses offered by TESDA. You have to know first your skills and goals in applying for these courses to land on the best jobs abroad.

List of TESDA Courses

– 2 Yr. Computer Secretarial and Management Course
– 2 Yr. Computer Systems and Programming Course
– 50 Hrs. Basic Supervisory
– 6 Months AUTOCAD Course
– 60 Hour Cellphone Repair Specialist
-1 Day Commercial Intelligence
1 Day Forgery Detection
1 Day Photography
1 yr Basic Course in Interior Design
1 yr Advance Course in Interior Design
10 month Automotive Course
10 month Baking Course
10 month Basic Electronic Course
10 month Computer 1-5 Course
10 month Computer Repair Course
10 month Cooking Course
10 month Hotel and Restaurant Management Course
10 Months Seafarers Rating Certificate
100 hr Domestic Helper Training Course
160 Hr Basic English Course
1-Yr Alternative Medicine
1-Yr. Associate Degree in Web Animation Web Animation
2 Days Secret Photography & Discreet Videography
2 Mos. MS Access Programming
2 Years Diploma in Network Technology
2 yr Computer Secretarial
2 yr Printing Technician Course
24 Months Automotive Technician
240 Hr. Basic Japanese Language Program
2yr Aircraft Maintenance Technology Course
2-Yr Computer Programming
2-Yr Food Technology

On the other hand, you can easily get work from home jobs after you enrolled in a computer or internet course. Work at home jobs or what we call online jobs are high paying and require only very basic skills in computers. Do your best to look for a good work at home job and business. You cam earn dollars right in front of your computer while staying at home.

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