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Good Resume Sample Philippines Version – How To Write Quality Resume For First Time Applicants

You have to admit that there is a form of anxiety in applying for jobs in the Philippines. There is this feeling that you have to strive hard and impress the companies where you will be applying a job for. However, the presentation of your credentials is the primary important thing that you need to address. Therefore, we will tackle writing a good resume sample Philippines version.

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There are many jobs abroad for Filipinos. But your skills in writing a resume may be unimportant to companies overseas. That is why we will concentrate on writing a quality resume for Philippine jobs.

What you need to do is to know the basic parts of the resume Philippines. Many companies are familiar with the correct Philippines resume structure so you have to adhere to it. Here are the basic parts of a resume as well as the descriptions.

Profile header of resume – This part is the upper portion of the entire resume file. You need to provide your name, address, phone number an e-mail. It is necessary that you put them at the top portion in centered position.

Resume Objective sentence – This part provides a simple sentence or two that will explain your intention in applying for a job. Be as natural as possible and give your reason for applying. It is ok to say that you need a job to earn money.

Resume Work experience resume part – This section of course will enumerate the types of jobs that you had before. Provide everything that you think will impact your application. Should I mention my work that are not good? Well, do not include them say for example if you were terminated early in the previous work or if you had personal issues with the company. Simply write everything that is good about you.

Resume Education background resume part – If you just graduated or if this is your first time to apply for a job, then you can skip the work experience part and write all your credentials as a student. mention where you studied, your course and the possible awards and recognitions that you received.

Is is necessary to put picture on resume? It depends, many resume Philippines version do not have pictures. However, if the job position looks for appearance as a factor, of course you need to put a picture.

Curriculum vitae samples for jobs in Philippines may also require you to attach pictures in resume. This is also dependent on the job requirement.

Philippine resume sample for nursing and other entry level jobs Philippines are the target positions that many new graduates intend to apply for. If you have any questions about resume writing Philippines, contact us. Good luck.

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